Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Sometimes when I take the kids to see a movie it's torture for me to sit through it. The Pixar movies have actually been enjoyable though, and their newest movie Wall-E is no exception. Have any of you seen it? It's completely different from Pixar's other movies, but definitely a must-see with kids.

At the end there's a part where Wall-E doesn't recognize anyone (I hope that doesn't give too much away). I looked over at Julia and she had a tear running down her face, movies really affect her! After, I asked her if she liked the movie and she said yes, but that there were some sad parts in it. She was very glad that it had a happy ending though.


Happy Wanderers said...

I am so excited to be able to see this movie! Of course, that probably won't be until December...but we all love Pixar!

Malinovka said...

We were really hoping to take Mierae to it. We'll probably wait until it hits the dollar theater, though, just in case she can't sit for it! :) It looks so good, just like all the Pixars!