Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas finally came

The kids were so excited when they got up on Christmas morning! Ethan actually woke up at 4:30, but he knew better than to try to get us up that early. He couldn't go back to sleep so he went downstairs and watched tv for a few hours. At 7:00 both kids came in and tried to get us out of bed. We weren't quite ready to get up yet-- we had stayed up pretty late finishing things. We bought ourselves another half hour of sleep by letting them go look at all the goodies in their stockings, and at 7:30 we finally got up and they started on their gifts.

They were both so excited that they each got the nintendo ds that they had been begging for.

After we had opened all of the gifts at our house we finished up fixing breakfast and took it to Grandma's house for everyone over there.

Transfixed by the Nintendo DS

Our little princesses

Mierae was so excited to get this Princess teaset

And Jolie loved Mrs. Potato Head

Check out the cool lion backpack that Devin and Emily brought from Africa!
Andrew really enjoyed what was left of the gingerbread houses.

For dinner we decided to feed the kids first-- there's too many of us for everyone to eat at the same time.

The guys had fun setting up the new HD tv that my dad bought for Christmas

And the girls had lots of tea parties
We watched lots of movies and had so much fun all being together.

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