Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wallpaper down!

Ever since we moved into this house I've wanted to get rid of the wallpaper that was on one wall in our living room. I was worried that it would be really hard to get off and would take forever to finish. It had a small hole in it from the kids pulling up little bits that had torn, and I had made it just a little bigger trying to see how hard it was going to be.
Well earlier this week Robyn, and Kristen came over to make earrings and we all pulled down the very end panel. It came off pretty easily. So while Robyn and I were sitting at the table making jewelry Kristen and the kids started pulling the rest of the wallpaper off. Charlotte and Andrew came soon after and Andrew helped finish off the last of it. It took them around 45 minutes to get it all off, wow!!! Thanks guys for doing my work for me! :)

Now it looks so bare, we will need to paint it asap.

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