Friday, January 30, 2009

Florida Trip, Part 5: Downtown Disney and Wrapping up our Trip

The night we went to Downtown Disney was our coldest night in Florida.
We hurried over to the kid-friendly section and stayed inside as much as possible there.
We've been to Downtown Disney several times in the past, but there's a fun new T-Rex restaurant there.

The kids loved digging for dinosaur bones!

Robyn, Eric, Mierae, and Jolie in front of the T-Rex restaurant

The kids also loved the giant Lego creations!
Julia, Mierae, Jolie, and Ethan in front of the Lego dragon

Julia in front of one of the Lego windows

Julia was excited when she saw this Bionicle made of Legos, "It's a Toa, Mom!!"
Sounds impressive, though I'm not sure what a Toa is.

Mierae was especially excited to see the princesses outside of the Disney store and insisted on getting a picture with her sister and cousin.

We got some group shots before Buzz and Susan (Derek's parents)
headed home.

Us with Buzz and Susan

(we're missing Eric in this once since he took the picture)

When we got back to our hotel/condo the kids were not quite ready to settle down yet.
They had scooted the beds together in their room
so they could all sleep in there together.

It wasn't always easy actually getting them to go to sleep.

Mierae and Julia

Mierae, Ethan, Jolie, and Julia

On Wednesday we left bright and early for the airport. We flew to Detroit, then Minneapolis, and finally to Salt Lake City.
After we had boarded the plane to Salt Lake the pilot told us that we would be delayed due to a valve problem. It ended up taking an hour and a half before the mechanics had taken care of the problem and we were able to leave, so we arrived later than we had planned but our flight went smoothly.

Julia insisted that her Panda needed his head
to stick out of her backpack on our way home

We had a wonderful trip.

The kids can hardly wait to go back again!


Staci said...

awww i love the pics of all the girls by the

kristen said...

We really should have a family reunion there sometime. It would be so fun!

Charlotte said...

What a fun trip for you all! Looks like the little cousins all had SO much fun together! I'm jealous that Andrew and I didn't get to come too. Maybe someday we'll do a family reunion in Florida...that'd be cool. :)Your pictures all turned out so well! So cute!