Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Florida Trip, Part 4: Magic Kingdom

We went to Magic Kingdom on a holiday (Martin Luther King day) and it was crowded. But thanks to Derek running all over the park for fast passes, we still got to do everything that had wanted.

Everyone loved the Dumbo ride:

Derek and Julia

Me and Mierae

Robyn and Melodie

Eric, Jolie, and Ethan

And Mierae and Jolie especially liked It's a Small World.

Eric, Robyn, Mierae, Melodie, and Jolie on It's a Small World

Our little family on It's a small world

Me and Ethan on It's a Small World

The flying carpet ride was great for all of the kids too!

Julia, Jolie, Eric, and Ethan

Melodie and Me

Robyn and Mierae

Derek and I before going on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Ethan and Derek on Pirates of the Caribbean

The kids loved looking at the map. Jolie called it her "castle"
since it had a picture of the castle on it.
Looking at the map

Eric and Ethan on the teacup ride (Jolie was in there somewhere too)

Right after the Buzz Lightyear ride

Ethan, Jolie, Julia, and Mierae modeling their Disney shirts

Sisters! On the Peter Pan ride

Cute Mickey and Minnie bushes in front of the castle

On the carousel!

We finished up the night riding on Space Mountain.
Even Julia got to ride, and she loved it.

It was a wonderful day!


Crystal said...

I love reading and seeing pictures of you trip. Family trips are so nice. I am glad you had a good time. I am slightly jealous.

Staci said...

great pics. looks like you had a blast!! we went a year ago and had a good time but it was sooo crowded!!

Rebecca said...

So fun to be there with sisters too!! (and cousins, etc.) :)

The Wilsons said...

I never know where to respond to a comment on my blog! I'll post here so that you will be more likely to see it!

Animal Kingdom was fun, your kids would have had a few more rides to do than my kids. The shows (Lion King & Finding Nemo) were really great.

Looks like ya'll had fun too. Too bad we couldn't get together, but its hard to plan around vacation and my kids were just BEAT after a day at a park!