Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas programs and parties

The videos are mainly for the Grandparents. :)

On the last day of school before Christmas break the kids had their annual Christmas program at school. They were so lucky to have cousins, aunts, Grandma, as well as Mom and Dad there to see them.

I was also in charge of Julia's class Christmas party. Taking into account the fact that I didn't have a lot of time to plan the party I was really nervous about how it would go. Luckily it went really well, the kids all had fun and it ran just long enough. For future reference I'll include everything that we did, I wish I had taken some pictures during the party!

I wasn't able to find any parents who could come to the party so I had Derek and my sister Robyn come to help out. Thanks goodness they were both able to make it! Luckily I did find parents who were willing to bring hot chocolate and doughnuts for the treat. We separated the class into 3 different groups. We started with 3 centers for making crafts. One group cut out snowflakes, another group assembled stocking ornaments that I had ordered from Oriental Trading,

and the third group made a reindeer out of a candycane, pipe cleaner, and googly eyes. The kids would finish one craft and move on to the next one.
When everyone was done with the crafts and we had put them away we started the game rotation. I was lucky to find the website, I printed out Christmas Bingo

and a Christmas memory game from there.

For the third game I had wrapped small Kit-Kats, enough for everyone. They took turns trying to open one while wearing adult sized gloves.
While the games were going Julia's teacher served the hot chocolate and doughnuts.
The kids seemed to enjoy all of the crafts and games and it ended at just the right time so I was very glad that it had gone so well!
We were all glad once school was over, and ready to start our Christmas vacation.
Now does anyone have any great ideas for a 1st grade Valentine's Party?


Crystal said...

Man you are super mom. I love decorating sugar cookies on Valentines. But that would be a lot of work for you to have the cookies, frosting and such all ready before hand. I will try to think of another idea for you.

Rebecca said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. You are so awesome to do this! Maybe for Valentines Day the kids could write a little love note to their parent/sibling or something??