Thursday, March 5, 2009


We went to Macey's on Monday night.
In front of the store were some girl scouts selling cookies. We hurried to finish up our short shopping trip and went outside to purchase our favorite cookies... Samoas!

But to our dismay the Samoas were all gone!

I guess we'll have to try making our own. (Recipe here.)


Staci said...

mmm my fav too!!

Malinovka said...

I have all the ingredients except the carmels. I'm going to have to try this recipe THIS WEEK. Oh, YUM. Thanks for the link!

Rebecca said...

There is a recipe for SAMOAS?!?!!? I crave these things all year long. I just bought six boxes today and I know they will only last me about two weeks if I ration. Andrew and I have to divide them up immediately to avoid any fighting. And the kids are lucky to get a taste of them! Hooray, hooray for a recipe I can try to bring me some of the greatest joy I've had from food. (Am I being too dramatic? Sorry, but really, I do LOVE these cookies!)