Friday, May 2, 2008

And just like that, it's over

And just like that----- it’s over! Soccer has consumed our lives for the past 6 weeks. Ethan and Julia have both been in this year, and Derek is the coach for Ethan’s team. The kids each had 2 games and one practice a week-- two practices on Tuesday, one game Wednesday, one game Thursday, and two games on Saturday, it was crazy! And the weather knew it was soccer season too, every game was freezing, and it didn’t help that the wind down at the Lakeside Sports Complex is always out of control. With 16 games you'd think we would have had nice weather for at least one! But we made it through. :)

Julia with her team:

Julia wearing her medal:

A video from Julia's last game. She made lots of goals this season but I wasn't able to get video of any of them. Can you hear the wind? It was freezing!

Here's Ethan and his team (Can you spot him?):

Ethan wearing his medal:

And a goal Ethan made at his last game:

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Christa said...

We're approaching the home stretch of our soccer season. Tyler and Cameron have both been playing this season. We have practice on Monday, which I usually forget, and games on Tuesday and Saturday. It's true about the weather. I've decided that soccer games are like General Conference. Whenever either is happening, it raining, or some other kind of bad weather is happening.