Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is summer on its way?

Last weekend was the first time that it has been truly warm this year. It gave us the slightest glimmer of hope that summer may actually come this year. We had our swamp cooler turned on! And the kids thought it was hot enough to go swimming!
Julia decided to turn our slide into a water slide, she was very proud of herself. This, of course, ended up attracting every kid who lives on our street.
I'm not sure how they knew, I guess water slides can silently communicate with children.
Here's video of the kids in our backyard. Doesn't it look like it's snowing? That's something we get to deal with every spring when our neighbor's tree decides that summer is coming and it can let its cotton float into our backyard and blanket every immobile object in sight.

And all of you fellow Utah dwellers must be wondering why I'm posting this today-- a day which could make us believe that it will never be warm again, it is to give us hope! Summer will be here one day soon, I'm pretty sure.

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kristen said...

Ha ha, I know, we keep on getting samples of warm weather, but it never stays warm. I'm glad you guys got to enjoy that warm day, though!