Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home Depot

Why would you, on a Saturday morning, drive to a place filled with noisy kids hammering away at a block of wood? To make these of course.

Derek usually takes the kids to Home Depot’s kid workshop on the first Saturday of every month, but this time he was busy tilling the garden (which incidentally ended up taking ALL day since we decided we didn’t like the tiers in our garden, and we still haven’t quite finished). I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about my ability to put together one of the extravagant creations they have come home with in the past, after all I don’t often use power tools or anything close, but Derek assured me it was easy, so we jumped in the van and headed over. Once we found the large mass of people in the back of the store and got our kits we were lucky enough to find an empty table, which we had all to ourselves until the very end of our project. We had a little bit of trouble getting one of the nails on Julia’s pencil box to go in straight, we ended up just leaving it crooked because it didn’t want to be fixed. That was the only hard part though, luckily they were very easy to put together and the kids had a great time.

Two pictures of the finished product since I can't get one picture with both of them really smiling:

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Malinovka said...

Their projects are so cute!!! I wonder if that's what ours made as well, but missed it since Tam was here. Eric took both girls to Lowe's yesterday while I was at my RS thing, and they made memory boxes. Eric said they both had a great time. Good for you for doing it!