Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The end of the school year is here again

As we get closer to the end of the school year the kids seem to have more activities going on at school. No one's getting excited for summer are they?!

Last week was our school carnival. Normally we have it in back of the school on a large expanse of grass, but this year (and I don't just mean for this one event) the weather has been less than cooperative. So the majority of our school carnival this year was held in the gym. Julia insisted on getting her face painted at the carnival, despite my arguments against it (we're going to be in line all night, and you'll just have to wash it off when we get home because it will be time for bed...).

Aunt Mel came to the carnival too, since she works at their school.

Another end-of-the-year thing is the dance festival. It was so fun watching the kids do their dances, and it was actually very warm outside at 9am!!!

I got some pictures of the kids before the dancing started. Here's Ethan with his class.

And Julia with her class before the program started.

Here's some video of both of them:

Julia is right next to the little girl in pink pants (on the left side of her-- your left). Sorry about the unsteady camera, and the grass shot in the middle, I had to move over a little so I could see her better.

I think you can see where Ethan is in this one, he has a yellow hat on, black shorts, and socks pulled up really high. :)

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