Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kristen's graduation

Yesterday morning I did something that I've never done before, I left the kids to fend for themselves on their last day of school! (Don't worry, Derek worked from home and was able to take them to school, pick them up, and take care of them when they got home.) Instead I got up early and picked up Melodie, and Charlotte and Andrew and headed to the BYU Marriot Center for Kristen's high school graduation. Kristen is my youngest sibling and it's hard to believe that she is already done with high school.

Our cousin Spencer also graduated from Mountain View with Kristen. It was fun sitting right by his family and all cheering together for our graduates!

Congratulations Kristen!!!

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Malinovka said...

HOORAY, KRISTEN!!! Thanks so much for posting these pictures!! We wished we were around for Kristen's special day, but it's so fun to see her in her gown with a big smile on her face. I'm glad you got to go!