Friday, May 23, 2008

The perfect gift

I wandered through the toy aisle at Walmart yesterday pondering what to get for a birthday party for twin girls in Julia's class. First I thought I might get some Disney princess dolls with changeable accessories, much like Polly Pockets. I remembered that the girls have a toddler aged sibling, and another one on the way-- their mother may not appreciate the extra choking hazards that would inevitably end up all over the house. A gumball machine provoked thoughts of having to use peanut butter in an attempt to get gum out of the top of Julia's hair, probably not a good idea. I almost ended up with some magnetic playsets that had magnetic dolls, much like paper dolls, and dresses you could dress them up in. Then I pictured Julia's birthday party and how some gifts she just tossed aside to go to the next present, while others she had to open immediately. I wasn't sure that the magnetic sets would be something that the girls would instantly have to open, and I didn't really like the idea of our gift getting tossed aside, silly I know. So I finally settled on some Barbie Fairytopia dolls with changeable dresses, that were most likely still a choking hazard but at least were much larger than the pea-sized Polly Pocket accessories. I wonder what the perfect gift for a 6 year old girl is...
And after all of that the party ended up being canceled because their mom had her baby!

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