Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another sewing project from Friday

When my kids were babies I used a nursing bib from Safety 1st, and it was OK. When we travelled by plane I made Derek hold the side down because the kids would usually kick it off. And it wasn't cute, but it got the job done. But look at these cute nursing ponchos I discovered! I bought one a few years ago to use as a gift and just looking at it I knew it would be simple to make.

It was basically a rectangle of fabric folded in half, sewn together, with a hole for your neck. I've made a few of these the past few years, and now you can make one too! I recommend using a stretchy fabric, I made one that wasn't stretchy and I couldn't move-- I felt like I was in a straightjacket! The first one is a bit bigger, it's great for all of you who are average height. I'm only 5'2" so this one is a bit big on me.

It's similar to the one from here. Start with a rectangle of fabric about 68 inches by 28 inches and fold in half.
The second one is a bit smaller, and would certainly be too small for any considered tall at all.
You can find it here. Start with a rectangle of fabric about 59 inches by 22 inches and fold in half.

When I made one this past spring I went kind of in the middle of these two sizes and was happy with that.

Stretchy fabric is so hard to work with though, I hope it looks OK!


Christa said...

Those are really cute and waaay better looking then anything that was around when I had my first baby.

Happy Wanderers said...

Do you by chance know how to make those cover-ups that have the wire (or something to that effect) in the front so you can see without covering up your own head?? :) I've always been curious if those are possible and easy to make or if I should just find one for sale? What do you think?