Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my wonderful Mom's birthday. When I was a kid I always took my mom for granted. It wasn't until I became a mother myself that I began to realize all that she did and still does for me! When I was growing up she was at every recital, play, concert, etc, supporting me. She always made sure that I got my homework done, that I practiced (piano or violin depending on how old I was), worked on my personal progress for church, and got everything done that I was supposed to get done. I never would have earned my Young Womanhood medallion if it wasn't for my mom. I always felt like I was a top priority in her life. Thanks mom, for everything !!!

Oh, and Devin I really didn't forget your birthday, I just don't have any birthday pictures of you to post since you guys live in Africa. But I hope you had a great birthday a couple of weeks ago too. And you too Emily this Saturday!


Crystal said...

You mom always seemed so awesome. All friends mom's seem better than my own when I was growing up. Happy Birthday! She shares a birthday with my oldest daughter.

Happy Wanderers said...

Does your mom and dad's site keep coming up as 'page not found' for you? I can't figure it out!
I hope Mom had a nice day! Tell her Happy Birthday for us...I sent her an ecard. Hopefully she checks her email! :)

Christensen's said...

Isn't it so true! There are so many things that you never realize until you become a mom yourself. I think every mother is probably under appreciated!