Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Office starts tonight!

I'm so excited that The Office starts tonight!! With the writer strike last year and then the summer hiatus it seems like we really didn't get our fair share of new episodes. Who else can't wait to start the new season? Yay!

Here's some "best moments" to get you psyched up for tonight:

Oh, I just found this one and had to add it too. Office pranks:


Crystal said...

Oh me, me. I am so excited. I am just bummed that Jim and Pam aren't engaged. I just know they are going to break up, and I will be sad. Can't wait for Michaels craziness tonight.

Crazy Lees said...

I am sooo glad you left a comment...Hope you won't mind if I stalk your fam! So good to "see" you!

Brenda said...

This show is great. Although I am going to have to catch in on the Internet after soccer and scouts I missed it.

Charlotte said...

I LOVE this show!! I watched the new episode last night and I just loved it. It was so funny and the end was so cute!! Andrew and I have been watching it from the beginning again just for fun and we're halfway through last season. It's just The Office time all the time with us! Love it!