Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bleach art???

Since the weather has gotten a little cooler I've started thinking about Halloween. It will be here before we know it! The kids have put a little bit of thought into which costumes they would like, I think we'll have to make both of their costumes.

I have also thought about the kind of fun Halloween shirt I'd like to wear for Halloween. I don't usually dress up but I do like to wear a Halloween themed shirt. I pictured in my mind exactly what it should look like, and then I started doing an internet search for it.

I was thinking of something pretty close to this:

(Which can be found here.) This cool shirt was done with bleach art!!

Of course I googled bleach art to find out more about it. I loved all the different pictures on this site. Lots of great ideas!

I had also recently heard about using freezer paper to make a stencil, and then painting a shirt with fabric paint. (Freezer paper will adhere to fabric when it is ironed, just cut it into your desired shapes, iron, and paint with fabric paint--it will peel right off when you're done.)

I think I will try to make a shirt similar to this one with freezer paper and bleach. Stay tuned for the results. (It may take a few days, I'm pretty busy with necklace orders right now and my house is a mess too.)


kristen said...

That is so cool! You'll have to teach me how to do that.

Happy Wanderers said...

That is pretty cool! I should do that to one of my maternity shirts that got some bleach spots on it. It's one of my very favorites, too. :(

Christensen's said...

I seem to ruin anything when bleach is involved, but you'll have to show it off if you make one.