Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ethan is a Cougar fan

Ethan at the BYU game.
Dad doesn't think about blogging possibilities as much as mom so this is the only photo they got.
I'm glad they got this one though!

Last Saturday for Ethan's birthday Derek took him to the BYU football game. Before the game he got an up close look at the team near the tunnel. He couldn't believe how big those guys were. Needless to say, the cougars won and Ethan had a great time. His favorite part was the nachos and frozen lemonade. :) It was a thrilling game that came right down to the end and BYU won 42-35 against UNLV.
Ethan was lucky to go to such an exciting game, it went right down to the wire!
Thanks to the Playstation 2 Madden game he actually understands what's going on!

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