Saturday, October 18, 2008

Party at Nickelcade

Well we have finally recovered from Julia's birthday celebrations, so of course now it's Ethan's turn. Ethan convinced us to have his friend party 6 days before his actual birthday, he wanted to get his presents as soon as he possibly could.
He decided he would like a party at Nickelcade. Their prices are very reasonable and I didn't have to come up with lots of party games and get my house trashed by lots of boys-- I was all for it!

The boys had lots of fun playing all kinds of games.

I think Derek had just as much fun as they did!

But in the end it was all about the tickets.

We had a few people who couldn't come-- some of them were out of town for fall break, and a couple were sick, but we still had a good turnout.

Happy (early) birthday Ethan!


J+S said...

Gosh, I want to have my next party at the Nickelcade!

Christa said...

Tyler & Cameron have been asking for about 2 years to have a birthday party at one of these places. I think that I might just cave this year and let them do it.