Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A visit from Stanley

A couple of weeks ago Ethan got a letter in the mail from his cousin Drew:

This is Stanley, he came from New Jersey to visit us in Utah.

We decided to take Stanley to Provo Canyon. Stanley saw Bridal Veil Falls:

And we took him for a walk along the Provo River.

These are the postcards that we will send back with Stanley so everyone in his class will see how beautiful Utah is!

It was a gorgeous day up in the canyon:

Even though Dad was out of town we still had a fun time.

Come visit us again sometime Stanley!


Charlotte said...

Wow! It looks amazing up the canyon! I guess it's time for a trip up there for Andrew and me. Hopefully we can make it before the weekend since that's when our good weather is supposed to end...Glad you guys had fun!

Crystal said...

Looks so fun. Tori had to send a Stanley to somewhere before too. Fortunately at the time we had family living in Hawaii. It was fun. Stanley came home with flowers in his envelope. I need to take my family up the canyon.

J+S said...

Oh, I love Flat Stanley!

Crazy Lees said...

How fun! The canyon looks beautifyul! and so do your kiddos!

Happy Wanderers said...

I so much wish we could be there during this time of year and actually do some outdoor outings like that with the kids!! Oh well.

That Stanley thing looks like such a fun idea!!! And I think that's the most I've seen Ethan in pictures! :)

Rosie and Derek said...

Yes, usually Ethan runs from the camera! This time he knew he had to be in a few so he finally cooperated.

Christensen's said...

Your kids are so cute! You got some amazing shots of the canyon. That is fun for Ethan to get that letter.

Crazy Lees said...

Hey, I just got word about the bishopbric change...Wane will be fantastic! Who else got the sentence along with him? We still truley miss GH3rd!

Rosie and Derek said...

Yes, Wayne will be so great! Derek and Ty Black are in with him. It's funny because everyone always gets Derek and Ty confused.
We miss having you guys in our ward!!