Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween history

Our Halloween history anyway...

Halloween 2001:
Ethan as a lion.
age 2

Halloween 2002:
Julia as Minnie Mouse and Ethan as a pirate:

2 months

age 3

Halloween 2003:
Both kids as dinosaurs.

age 1

age 4

Halloween 2004:
Ethan as Spiderman and Julia as a Unicorn.

ages 5 and 2

Halloween 2005, many costume changes this year:
Ethan as Obi Wan and Julia as Belle at the ward Halloween party.
ages 6 and 3

Ethan as a prince at the school parade:

age 6

And dressed up as Batgirl and Batman for trick-or-treating:
ages 3 and 6

Halloween 2006:
Julia as Robin and Ethan as a Vampire at the ward Halloween party
(They don't quite go together do they?!)
ages 4 and 7

Ethan as Darth Vader and Julia as Robin ready to go trick-or-treating
(and these don't go together any better):
ages 7 and 4

Halloween 2007 (no costume changes this year!)
Ethan as a vampire and Julia as a cowboy:

ages 8 and 5

And finally HALLOWEEN 2008:

Julia as a pilot at the school parade
age 6

Ethan as a skeleton at the school parade
age 9

And right before trick-or-treating,
Ethan as Spiderman, and Julia as a pilot.
ages 9 and 6

We seem to have a pattern of indecisiveness,
good thing we have lots of dress up clothes in the play room!


Char said...

So cute! And how fun to see all the pics from years past!

Crazy Lees said...

Memory lane was great! I especailly loved the Obi wan! Loved seeing the Ward HAlloween PArty!

Brenda said...

Your kids look so cute in all of these pictures. You are great to let them dress up so many different times. Your pumpkins turned out cute too.

kristen said...

So creative! I always had the hardest time coming up with things to dress up as.

Charlotte said...

These are the cutest pictures!! I love looking back and seeing how cute and little your kids were! They sure grow up fast!

Rebecca said...

What a fun post! Such cute costumes over the years. And I'm glad to hear that my kids aren't the only ones who go through several outfits in one Halloween season, sometimes in one day!