Monday, November 3, 2008

A big, huge truck

When Ethan was little he called semi trucks simply a "big, huge truck".
Imagine his excitement when Uncle Quentin started driving a big, huge truck.
He called us on his way home one night and we got to go see his big, huge truck.

Quentin currently drives this gasoline truck with two trailers!

Inside the sleeper in the back of the cab:

Hanging out the emergency exit inside the sleeper:

They even got to climb up the ladder and look inside the hole on the top of the truck:

Thanks for showing us your truck Uncle Quentin!
It was really cool!


Crystal said...

That is one awesome, big, huge truck. Your kids are so cute. I love their Halloween costumes in your previous post.

Crazy Lees said...

Totalloy Cool! I remember it was Ethans Little Trucks i fell in lov ewith years ago and had to get them for our Bubba...The Firs truck is still my favorite...Aren't uncles GREAT!

Malinovka said...

That is most definitely a BIG, HUGE truck! How fun that Quen called and the kids got to see him and his truck. It's fun to see Quen in his element. Haven't talked to him in a long time.

Christa said...

I wish I could drive a big, huge truck.

Laurel said...

that looks like a really fun adventure - what lucky kids!! good to see photos of Quentin too. Hope all is well with him - and with you guys!