Wednesday, August 6, 2008

And our government surplus check goes to...

New windows!!
No it didn't cover the entire cost, but it did cover quite a bit.
Our windows were 30+ years old and had condensation built up between the panes. No amount of cleaning could help us see out of them any better, so we finally decided it was time to replace them.





Much better! And we can actually open and close them now, what a novel idea!

So what did you do with yours?


Christa said...

We bought our house from an investor who was remodeling it to flip it. We found it before any work had actually begun. He asked us what kind of things we would like to see happen. I immediately said new windows. They were really crappy, 40+ year old, aluminum ones. Some were really loose and practically falling out of the wall. The glass moved in the frames of others. After working on the house for a while, he reluctantly agreed. He thought that he could get away with keeping them. I said we wouldn't buy the house if they weren't changed. I'm so glad he did it. I can't imagine how much it would cost to heat and cool this place if the windows hadn't been changed. Oh yeah, I have no idea what they did with the old ones.

Charlotte said...

Wow! Those look so good! I remember when Mom and Dad got their new windows...was it last year? Anyway, it really makes a huge difference! And it was nice actually being able to open the windows. :)

Oh yeah, and I spent my check on paying off my car. I know not what it was supposed to go to, but I was so close to having it paid off I couldn't help it!