Thursday, August 14, 2008

A trip to the water park

I guess we didn't get enough of crowds at the dinosaur museum because yesterday we decided to go to Seven Peaks. It was outrageously crowded, lines for the water slides were almost an hour each. But if you enjoy not having an inch of elbow room in the water, and being smashed by tubes on all sides then I'd say we had a great time! As long as you don't count the time when Julia slipped down the middle of our tube and was choking on water but couldn't get out, or the time when both kids were on the tube and it flipped in the deep end while the waves were going, it was a very fun filled day. (It's a good thing they improved their swimming skills this summer-- they had to use them!)

Julia was feeling adventurous and kept going down this baby slide upside down.

Ethan and Julia both jumped off this rope swing.

Julia enjoying the waves in the shallow end.

Ethan riding the waves in the tube.

Mmmm, Dippin' Dots!

Our scenery on the way home...


Crystal said...

Fun stuff. I haven't been to Seven Peaks for ages. Looks like a exciting day for you.

Malinovka said...

You are sure making good use of your summer!! I'm actually going to be happy when summer is over and the crowds go away so that I can enjoy my trips to the zoo more! :)