Sunday, August 10, 2008

The final birthday celebration

On Saturday we had Julia's friend party, the last celebration of her birthday. We had invited 9 girls but 4 of them were out of town, so it was a little smaller than we were planning for, which actually worked out just fine! Last year and the year before every single person that we invited came, and both times someone brought someone extra that we weren't planning on, so at least this year we had enough food, cake, and goody bags for everyone.

When the girls first got to our house they played "Don't Eat Pete". Julia had asked to play it at her party so I thought it would be something for them to do until all the girls arrived. Instead they decided to play it for about 45 minutes until the skittles were all gone, lol. This is a scan of the game that I made using print artist, but if you google "Don't Eat Pete" you can find other printables to use:

They finally did decide to stop playing after they ran out of candy, and they used the slip n slide for a while, and then had lunch.

After lunch was pinata time, they all waited patiently in line, sort of.

The mad rush for candy after it broke:

Here's the pinata, it was pretty beat up!

Then it was time for cupcakes,

and then presents. This is a group shot after she had opened all of her presents.

Here's Julia suntanning:

And a little video of them slipping and sliding. :)

Thanks to everyone who came, Julia had a great time and hopefully everyone else did too!

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