Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Different uses for inexpensive Ikea projects

I love Ikea, I think I should go there again soon because I love this little catch-all shelf made from an Ikea magazine holder (found on Design Sponge), only $4.99:

And look what my friend Char did with an Ikea pot lid rack that was only $2.99, so smart!

And did you know that there's a blog all about different projects you can do involving Ikea products? It's called Ikea Hacker, how great is that?!


Char said...

I love that magazine holder/shelf! That might be the solution I've been looking for for Macy's room. She needs some sort of a night stand, but it can't block her pull out/trundle thing.

kristen said...

IKEA is the best! I haven't been in such a long time.

Rebecca said...

These are SO much fun, so cute too!