Monday, November 17, 2008

I was thankful for many things this weekend

This weekend I was the one who was sick. I don't know if I caught the same thing that Julia had or something else completely but it was rough there for a couple of days.

I really became thankful for many things this weekend:

-Derek works from home on Friday and was able to help with the kids after school.

-My bed, it is very comfortable and I was also grateful to be able to use it. Usually when I'm sick I still have mommy responsibilities but the kids were in school and Derek was around so I was able to take it easy more than usual.

-Tivo. While I was in bed resting I watched several movies and shows that I had tivo-ed over the past couple of weeks. Isn't Tivo great?!

-Comcast's On Demand. One night I couldn't sleep at all so I went downstairs and watched "27 Dresses" on demand (we have the premium channels on demand for now). I really liked it. Sure it was cheesy and predictable but who cares at 3 in the morning!

-Nose drops. Cold medicine doesn't do a thing for me, but for some reason I had never tried nose drops until last year. Wow, they really make a difference! I was able to go to sleep last night since I could actually breathe.

-And that brings us to the ability to breathe. You take for granted being able to breathe out of your nose until that ability is gone. Isn't it amazing when you are able to breathe again? Just a wonderful thing!

Thanks to Derek and the kids for helping out!

Now I really have a lot to do-- the house is a wreck, I have a million orders to finish up, I am way behind on the laundry, and I am trying to start my Christmas shopping.
We're now back to the regularly scheduled programming. :)


jkribbit said...

I'm so sorry you were sick this weekend - it's no fun! I'm still working on that breathing is rather under-appreciated until it goes on strike!

I hope you're feeling much better!

Charlotte said...

Wow! You, me and Emily were all sick at the same time! Crazy!! I know all about that not being able to breathe thing--Saturday night I went to bed and woke up in the middle of the night with a stuffy nose and not able to breathe! Suffice it to say, it was a long night....I'm glad you're feeling better now and that you had Derek and the kids there to take care of you!

Brenda said...

I'm glad your feeling better. You know you can always call me if you need help with something. Good luck getting caught up on things I hate when I get behind.:)

Crystal said...

It is so hard when the mom is sick. I am glad you are feeling better. Good Luck with all your work and chores.

Happy Wanderers said...

I hear you! I'm FINALLY starting to feel better--it's been almost an entire week! I seriously thought I was going to die or be med-evac-ed to South Africa...But, I'm finally better-ish. No more aches and pains, fevers, headaches...just a stuffy nose and a little tired. I guess I should be grateful for sickness, since it really does make me SO grateful to be healthy!!!!

kristen said...

I'm sorry you were sick!

Heather said...

Oh, it is so not fun being sick...I am so sorry.

I love "27 Dresses" I am glad that you could watch movies because movies make it a little bit better being sick. :-)

Hansens said...

Dan and I are both sick with some kind of cold right now. It really stinks. I'm sorry that you were sick, but glad you had help. Also, you have given me hope that we will be better soon.

I am thankful that I have kids old enough to take care of the younger ones and dinner and stuff. Makes things much easier.

Rebecca said...

Sorry you've been sick Rosie! I hope you're feeling all better soon. Take it easy getting back into regular life. It seems to me like even once I'm feeling better, if I do too much too soon, it just hits me again. Good luck! :)