Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving FHE

On Monday we had a Thanksgiving Family Home Evening.

The kids wrote something they were thankful for on each of these leaves,

and then we put them on the trees.

Ethan was thankful for Playstation 2, Soda, Gameboy, TV, Games for the PS2, Games for Gameboy, cars, toy cars, elevators, escalators, the computer, numbers, birthdays, Halloween, candy, donuts, and restaurants. Interesting choices Ethan!
Julia was thankful for her brother, her mom, her dad, water, plants, soil, seeds, Heavenly Father, pencils, paper, pens, computers, food, oxygen, chalk, chalkboard, her gameboy, grass, and trees.
Hopefully it at least got them thinking about everything they should be thankful for!
And of course we had to make the traditional turkey cookies!

Yes, some looked pretty interesting, but I'm sure they still tasted great all the same.

Hope you all have a
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Wanderers said...

We have 12 missionaries coming over today, and I'm planning to do something like we'll see what everyone comes up with! I've never ever made the traditional turkey cookies... I'm trying to think of something that I can do today that will be fun and tasty, but, well, we'll see!