Thursday, November 6, 2008

Does it look like she's sick?

The night before last Julia woke up sick. She threw up a few times and thankfully went back to sleep after about an hour.

Julia has a history of being sick during the middle of the night
and then being fine the next day, so I wasn't sure whether I should send her to school or not.

I decided not to, just to be safe.

I think she probably would have been fine:

Oh well, at least she had fun on her day off!


Christa said...

Tyler likes to trick me into thinking that he's sick. I've fallen for it about 4 times. Once for every year he's been in school. Whenever it happens, he's miraculously better by about 10:00. Grrrr....I've told him the next time he's "sick" he has to cough up a vital organ to get me to believe it.

Char said...

Keller actually got his teacher to send him home "sick" a couple of weeks ago. She totally fell for it, as did both of the ladies in the office. When I got there and said "What's up, Buddy?" He said "Can we talk about this in the car?" ROFL!