Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rocks in the dryer

Last night I was trying to catch up on some laundry. I had gotten so far behind that I was debating whether or not to put my favorite pair of jeans in the hamper, I wasn't sure when I would get them back again. I pulled a clean load of clothes out of the dryer and put some wet clothes in. I turned the dryer on and walked away, ready to go to bed. That's when I heard it-- a loud banging sound was coming from my dryer...

I dread that clanking sound that I hear from my dryer every once in a while. The sound that means that something "extra"
has made its way into the laundry.
This is what was in the dryer this time:

Any idea what it is? It was a worry stone that Julia had purchased from the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum. (Don't mention it to her, she'll never realize it's gone as long as I don't say anything.)

This is just the latest "extra" I've found in my dryer.

Previous finds include:

Lip gloss (what a yucky greasy mess this left on all the clothes!)

Crayons (also a messy one!)

Bouncy balls

a tennis ball



Small toys


Grass (from a pocket)

more rocks

small trucks

a ring pop (not in the wrapper)

and I know there's more, this is just what I can remember right this instant.

What kinds of things have gone through your dryer?


Char said...

One time I found a pair of rubber gloves. ROFL.

I also found a Milky Way, still in the wrapper. It was quite mushy but a laundry disaster was averted.

Jenny said...

I washed and tried Mike's Temple recomend, lets just say that what went in did not come out... all that was left was the clear plastic cover.

Crystal said...

My husband washed his entire Franklin Day Planner once. It didn't survive, all the papers were ruined. I also washed his cell phone, big blunder. Had to replace that. And the worst was when I washed a baby diaper. Some how it ended up in the laundry pile and not the garbage. Yep it was used!

kristen said...

How fun. :) I'm so paranoid that I'm going to leave something in my pockets and it will ruin my clothes when I wash them, so I end up checking everything like five times.

Rebecca said...

So fun to hear that I'm not the only one who forgets (or decides she is too tired to) check pockets! You already know about (and saw) one of my worst laundry incidents, but don't worry, I've had others too!

Christa said...

It's funny you should ask because just today I found my debit card in my dryer. I left it in the pocket of my pants. When I found it, it had fallen toward the vent trap at the front and it was starting to bend and melt from the heat. I got it just in time and was able to flatten it back out.

Hansens said...

Um, IPods, Cell Phones, several Temple Recommends(spelling?), kleenex(this was not pretty), pillows stuffed with those little pebbly things - Even more ugly - , gum, I could go on. Don't feel alone in this. It's good that we have friends to help us through these things. :-)

Happy Wanderers said...

Oh, I just love the magic friends that come out of the dryer sometimes! I've done gum, cough drops, candy, crayons, pens (NASTY!!!), a whole jar of Vicks (OUCH!!!), wooden building blocks, Carmex, goes through ALL the much fun! :/